As a result of prolonged conflict in South Sudan, many communities are in need of clean water, reliable food sources, infrastructure, education, and trauma counseling and support. While these are problems on a very large scale, we can make a difference one community at a time. The mission of Abukloi is to build an educational and vocational training facility in Rumbek, South Sudan that will provide essential skills and training for regional Southern Sudanese. This facility will also serve as a community center for Rumbek, providing a central place to come together and work at rebuilding their country and their lives.

CUMC has worked to raise funds for building the newly established school by hosting, among other things, a live animal show. The Thank God for Kids Ministry brought lions, tigers, camels and other exotic animals to the church for a biblically based performance by Pastor and former Barnum Bailey Ringmaster, Dr. Gary Lavender.

Website: abukloi.org