NLI Weekend in Pictures

Many thanks to all who participated in the NLI weekend, and special thanks to the NLI Team who made the weekend possible.

The report was presented on Sunday, and it is available on the church website.  Click here.  All are encouraged to read it and react to it.  

Then please bring your thoughts and questions to one of the town hall meetings.

Town Hall Meetings:
There will be four town hall meetings in November/December for everyone to get their questions answered.  These town hall meetings will be as follows:

Nov. 18, 6:30 PM  in the Chapel
Nov. 27, 7:30 PM in the Chapel
Nov. 28, 10:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall
Dec. 2  6:30 PM in the Chapel

Congregational Vote:
On December 11, at 7:30 PM, there will be a called Church Conference.  At this conference there will be an up or down vote on the Next Level Innovations report. If we choose to adopt the report, we will move forward on implementation over the coming years, and we will continue to receive the resources and mentorship of the district and conference. If we choose not to adopt the report, we will lose the resources and mentor relationship, but the report will be ours to keep and use as we see fit.   A 70% vote of members present and voting at the Church Conference is required for adoption.

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