Embracing the Wideness

This is a discussion-based class led by Pastor Will Montgomery where participants will be asked to read “Embracing the Wideness”, a book written by Bishop Kenneth Carter. This class will not be a means to defend a particular stance or increase any polarization on the subject of human sexuality but a means to find ourselves at the table to learn from the scriptures, from one another, consider generous orthodoxy and be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

On the back cover of the book reads the following: “A generous orthodoxy is possible for The United Methodist Church because scripture supports both a confessing movement and a reconciling movement….What great things could be accomplished if we rediscovered orthodoxy in service of the healing, instead of the dividing, of our bodies—our churches! Such a generous orthodoxy would help us avoid the emotional processes that pit people against each other. Such a generous orthodoxy would keep us from becoming stuck in cycles of harmful collusion and escalating conflict. Such a generous orthodoxy would understand that the source of our capacity to be healed of our schisms is a miracle beyond our human power, goodness, or intelligence.”

Sunday Evenings 6:30 PM
October 6 – November 24
Meets in Room 209
Book Cost: $13

Maximum 24 Students

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