Update From Our Missionaries In Germany

The below report is an update from the missionaries we support in Freiburg, Germany. Erin and Donovan Harper lead a college ministry in Freiburg.

“It’s starting to make sense.”

There is a student who I am going to call “Val” and I have to confess something. At the moment, they are my favorite. I know, I know. We’re not supposed to have favorites, but I just can’t help it! Val is so easy to be around and is a constant blessing and makes me excited to be working in college ministry.

Unfortunately, Val is studying abroad this semester which means I don’t get to see them every day. Before they left, they were opening up about how finding the Unterwegs community and seeing how we all live out our faith was starting to reawaken their own faith in GOD. We decided to Skype on a regular basis while they’re away to keep in touch and reach a book about Jesus together.

I look forward to this time “together” each week because Val truly is a breath of fresh air. They ask hard questions and see things in a different light than I ever have and they aren’t afraid to voice their observations about the world. Which forces me to re-evaluate how I look at the world and interact with my fellow children of God.

And every week Val is just a little bit different. A little bit more passionate. A little bit bolder. A little bit more like Jesus.

In one of the more recent chapters we read, the author began to touch on how when we go looking for Jesus we can’t help but be transformed by Him. So…I asked them, “Based on this paragraph, I’m curious. Have you noticed yourself changing?”

With zero hesitation, Val answered, “It’s starting to make sense. Every conversation we have…I feel it here and here and here and here…,” they said while pointing to different spots on their chest signifying that something is happening to their heart. They continued, “…and everything is starting to click together. So, yeah. I’m somewhere in there,” referring to the process of transformation.

Come on! How fully AWEsome! GOD is working on this person’s heart and Val is starting to hear that still small voice calling them closer.

Pray with us that Val opens their heart more and more and is brave enough to take that final leap of faith by choosing Jesus to be Lord of their life. Pray with us that GOD continues to use this Unterwegs community to transform not just this life but others’ as well.

GOD is good all the time, and all the time GOD is good. Amen.

Unterwegs Freiburg Team (Winter 2019)

In the picture above you see an awesome group of people who love and support each other while working together as campus ministers. We work hard to create a space where students feel safe to ask hard questions, explore their own personal faith and discover what choosing to follow Jesus looks like for their life. A significant part of that effort for each individual or couple is working to ensure that Unterwegs Freiburg is financially stable. Our dream for this school year is for Unterwegs Freiburg to become not just financially stable, but financially sustainable.

“What does ‘financially sustainable’ look like,” you might be asking yourself, “and why is it important?” It looks like the Unterwegs Freiburg CMF Operational Account receiving regular gifts to help release some of the pressure of fundraising for our current and future team.

To be more specific, it looks like our Operation Account having the ability to 100% cover the Unterwegs Freiburg campus house rent and we are currently looking for individuals, small groups, and/or churches to partner with our ministry in this way.

The best news is that it would only take 20 partners for this dream to become a reality! The break down looks like this…

Five partners giving $200 per month.
Five partners giving $100 per month.
Ten partners giving $50 per month.

Would you help us get to a place of financial sustainability? We’ll be following up in the near future, but if you or someone you know would like to join this team of twenty partners, then please click this link.

We also know this is not the only way you have become part of the Unterwegs family, your financial contributions to this ministry have and continue to play a huge role in the better story that is being written here. Your gifts enable us to be here and enable stories like the one above to be written. And we are eternally thankful for all the ways your support Unterwegs Freiburg.


…that these fresh faces we met at Markt der Möglichkeiten make their way to Unterwegs with hearts and minds open to that small voice calling their name.


…for the new parents!! Max and Emily are doing well and Koen is settling in just fine. Pray for restful sleep and their bonding time as a new family during this precious chapter in their lives.

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