Anxious About Nothing Study

Build Up Your Faith and Manage Your Fears

In one of Pastor Ellen’s recent online devotions, she said, “If there is a place you want to end up, you have to pay attention to how you get there. The same holds true in our spiritual lives and how we find God…Moving in the direction of God does not happen by accident. It requires an intentional choice and active navigation.”

These are anxious and uncertain times, and we need to move in God’s direction, as we seek to find His peace that transcends all understanding. In his Easter sermon, Pastor Will asked if “we really want to return to being so busy we have no time to embrace and enjoy the abundant life Christ gives to us,” and suggested “Christ beckons us not to go back, but to move forward.” Jesus is calling us to be intentional in strengthening our faith in these fearful times.

Join us for an online Bible study to take a step forward in building up your faith and managing your fears. We will begin Max Lucado’s study, “Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World”, the week of May 3rd. In this six week study, we will delve into Philippians 4:6-7, and learn to celebrate God’s goodness, ask Him for help, leave our concerns to Him, and meditate on good things.

We also want to invite you to participate in this study in a different way. We know that God takes difficulties and turns them into opportunities to advance the gospel, and this is no different. Just two months ago Pastor Will delivered a series of sermons on our church’s new vision, in which evangelism was a recurring and dominant theme. Current circumstances are softening hearts, as people are searching for a lifeline in this storm, and these anxieties and uncertainties will not go away after we pass through the eye of this storm, but will continue to reverberate through our society for some time. We have an opportunity to reach people in these times, to meet them right where they are. So why not form your own small group by sending an email to friends, family members, or neighbors, inviting them to participate with you? We will provide you with supportive resources as you facilitate your own small group meetings. We all have a unique opportunity here; it can feel natural right now to reach out to people and invite them to participate in something that can help them deal with these challenging circumstances.

We hope you will consider participating in this timely Bible study in one of these two ways. Send an email to Kim Wu at if you have questions or are interested in participating, and we will get you plugged into whatever session works for you, and/or provide you with supportive resources if you start your own small group.

The videos will be available for everyone to view online for free, and Zoom discussion sessions will be available on Thursdays at 7 pm.  There will be two discussion groups, one led by Dan and Kitty Stapleton, and the other led by Kim Wu.

There is no need to purchase the book of the same name, but we do recommend that you purchase the study guide. It is available on Amazon, either in kindle format or as a paperback. To allow you sufficient time to order and review the study guide materials, the first meeting will focus on introductions and laying the groundwork for how the study will be run, with discussion of session one’s homework to take place at the second meeting, the week of May 10th.

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