Youth Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt

Youth Group Picture/Video Scavenger Hunt
• Do as many as you can
• Send pictures/videos to Jeremy ( or 540-359-2787) by 6:00 pm on Saturday 4/25/20
• All pictures/videos must be taken by student- NO screenshots
• Winner will be announced at youth group on Sunday
• Winner receives a FREE PIZZA delivered to your house!

5 Points Each: Take a picture…
With a box of cereal
With a pet
Playing a board game played with family members
With your mask and gloves on
With an old bulletin from a church service
Making a goofy face
Of a finished puzzle
With something Red
With something that begins with the letter “S”
With a pool noodle

20 Points Each: Take a picture…
Of a toilet paper tower (at least 12 rolls)
Sunset (Friday evening)
Sunrise (Saturday morning)
A screenshot of you and a friend video chatting (This is the ONLY screenshot allowed)
Of you and a friend/family member practicing social distancing

50 Points Each: Take a VIDEO…
Of yourself reciting 1 Timothy 4:12
Find an American flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance

Re-enact a family photo (old photo must be included)
Take a picture with a four-leaf clover
Recite Psalm 23 from memory

Print your tickets