‘Chalk Your Neighbor’ Event

'Chalk Your Neighbor' Event

Just because we are not together in person does not mean we can't be connected to each other.

May 29-31 we want to spread the love of God to our neighbors using chalk! CUMC is organizing a "Chalk your neighbor" event. Sign up below if you want to go and write words of encouragement for 2-3 other people, and/or if people can come write some encouraging words for you.
During the week of May 24th you will receive an email letting you know who you have been assigned to go chalk, and/or who is coming to chalk your sidewalk.

On your own time during the weekend of May 29-31 we will all go spread the love of Christ with some chalk. Remember, this is a socially distanced activity and you should not interact with the family you are chalking.

Also remember, you are not limited to only chalking the family you are assigned. You are welcome to share this joy with as many neighbors as you would like.

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