Missionary Updates 8-21-20

A few weeks ago, we published an update from our missionaries, since tht time we have received a final update newsletter from Megan Rust, an update email from Ellyn Dubberly, and a new newsletter from Grace Dennis as well.

Update from Ellyn Dubberly

If you ever feel you are up against the impossible…remember that all things are possible with God.

I hope to make a video telling the full story…but God has truly been working on my behalf for a very long time…but especially during this Corona time.

VERY long story short…I am finally beginning or shall I say completing my journey back to El Salvador after being placed on hold on March 12 due to Corona pandemic.

Lots of tears, lots of unexpected doctor’s appointments, and a repaired mitral valve later….I’m going home to Brian and Camila on Monday, August 10….well I hope so.

On Thursday, August 6 I informed my mom on the way to my check-up with my surgeon that the airport in El Salvador will not re-open until September.   We met with my surgeon who told me I was safe to fly, but knew that it would be September or later before that happened.

Around 2:30 pm….about half an hour after arriving at my mom’s house after meeting with surgeon, I got an urgent message to contact the El Salvador Consulate immediately.  Was informed that a space was reserved for me on a humanitarian flight from Miami to El Salvador for one day early next week…but I would have to act fast.  I was given instructions to wait for an airline to contact me.  Around 10 pm on Thursday night, I had a flight from Raleigh Durham to Miami on Sunday and a flight from Miami to San Salvador on Monday.  ONLY GOD TIMES THINGS THAT PERFECTLY!!!

Upon my arrival in El Salvador, I will go through a rigorous screening and re-entry process.  With possibility of being placed into a quarantine.  Brian and Camila are not allowed to pick me up from the airport.  Government transportation will deliver me to our home in Ahuachapán once I have been cleared to go.  Hopefully, that will be the night of Monday, August 10, 2020.

One of the special things I have been able to do while in NC is a Bible study with some friends in my hometown.  Some I have known since middle school…some a little less longer…but have been in Bible studies with them in various forms over my life.

We studied the story of Joseph.  So much of his story is so relevant to me right now…but one part I want to highlight.

If you remember the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis you’ll remember that his brothers sold him into slavery.  He was taken to Egypt.  He ended up working for Potiphar, one of the king’s officials.  But Potiphar’s wife took a liking to Joseph and that ended with Joseph in jail.  Unjustly…but in jail none the less.  While in jail, God allowed Joseph opportunity to interpret the dreams of the King’s cupbearer and baker.  After a long time…this eventually led to Joseph’s release from jail and working for the King with a whole lot of power over the future of Egypt, the world, and most especially, the family of God.

When Joseph was released from prison, he was released because Pharaoh had two dreams that no one was able to interpret.  Finally, the chief cupbearer remembered Joseph and shared with Pharaoh how he had interpreted his dream in prison.  “So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from prison.” Genesis 41:14.


Joseph was quickly delivered from prison.

I have not taken the time to let it soak in exactly how long Joseph had been in exile…and was honestly still in exile once in the King’s palace…before he was quickly released from prison.   But this wording did not escape me.

When studying this part of the story I was still waiting on God to work out details of my return to Brian and Camila.  With zero details about when and how that return would happen.  But I had this example of how God moved in Joseph’s life…quickly.

I shared with my friends one night in study group that I didn’t know how and when it would happen, but I knew that my return to Brian and Camila would happen quickly.

And that word “quickly” is what gives me unshakable confidence that this is God’s doing.  God’s provisions.  God’s timing.  Details remain unrevealed.  God still has some surprises for me in my return to Brian and Camila.  But He is moving quickly.

So I share this to say, that whatever impossible situation is before you at this time.  Don’t try to figure it out on your own.  Give it to God.  He’s already working out the details on your behalf.  It probably won’t  happen when you want or how you want, but I promise God has a perfect plan and perfect timing…and NOTHING is impossible for HIM.

I promise to share more of this and other updates with you soon.  But for now, I’ve gotta move quickly.  Next message I send will be from Ahuachapan….God willing!!!


Ellyn Dubberly

PS…Lots of people have wanted to help with my expenses.  If you are one of those people….Global Ministries has been REALLY, EXTRA SPECIAL GOOD to me covering all of my expenses….including extra cost of living while in US, surgery, meds, doctor’s visits….and so MUCH more….if you want to help me…make a donation in my name to Global Ministries.  My advance number (or ID number) is 3021818.  You can give online or mail in a check.


If you are able, please give generously.  This allows my work to continue as well as the work of other missionaries around the world.  It provides for everyday times and for crazy times like this.

THANK YOU!!!  And if you cannot give or don’t feel led to give…no worries.  We are each called to support different things.

July Newsletter from Grace Dennis

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