College Ministry

Students and Parents

College Students and Parents:  We need your student address for the new school year!  Please fill out the form online with your address for this school year, even if your address is the same as the one you submitted last year.  We can’t write to you if we don’t know where you are located!  If you will be living at home with your parents this year, please enter your home address.  And since schools are not all being handled the “normal” way this year we want to make sure anything sent gets to you!

Volunteers and Writers

Volunteers/Writers:  Please email Denise Tillema at if you’d like to be part of this worthwhile ministry and you’ll be paired with a student.  We write to our college students, trade school students and young adults in the military several times during the school year with words of encouragement and to remind them they are in our thoughts and held in our prayers.

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