Alternative Gift Market

Alternative Gift Market 2020

This year all proceeds from the Alternative Gift Market will support Helping Haitian Angels, and in particular will be used to fund new classroom furniture for the Kay Anj Orphanage School.  You can see photos of the types of furniture we hope to provide by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

For 2020 we are selling 3 types of ornaments and 4 blends of coffee, as shown below.  All ornaments and coffee are $10 each.

All ornaments and coffee must be pre-ordered no later than November 30.   Orders will arrive in mid-December for pick-up from the church.  You will be notified when the orders arrive.

To place an order, or to make a monetary donation to the Helping Haitian Angels ministry, click the button below.

Butterfly Ornament $10

This ornament comes in three colors.  However, you will not be able to choose the color.  You will receive whatever color or colors are shipped to us.



Hibiscus Angel Ornament $10

This is a hand-painted metal ornament.



Metal Angel Ornament $10

This is a hand-made metal ornament.



Coffee $10

Haitian Coffee is being offered in 4 blends again this year:  Vienna, Full City, Decaf and Dark Roast/French.

All coffees are available in Ground or Whole Bean varieties.   In addition, Vienna and Decaf blends are available in KCups as well.

When ordering please select the blend and the packaging variety you wish to have.  The whole bean and ground coffees are 12 oz bags.  The KCup package has 10 KCups inside.

Our Goal

This year we hope to raise $4,000 to furnish a classroom for 25 students.  Here are some photos of the types of furnishings we would be purchasing.  If we exceed our goal, the additional funds will be used to provide scholarship funds to local children.  These funds would include tuition, books, uniforms, supplies, vaccinations and a daily meal.  For every $2,000 raised, we can support 5 scholarships.

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