Holiday Food Baskets 2021

The holidays are once again right around the corner!  And while over the past year and a half the COVID-19 pandemic has scattered most everything we’ve considered “normal,” what hasn’t changed are the challenges faced by hundreds of families in need in our community.  If anything, it has only served to exacerbate and increase these challenges among an even broader cross section of our community.

That is why as part of its ongoing efforts to “feed the need”, CUMC will once again be providing Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets this holiday season in partnership with our friends at Western Fairfax Christian Ministries.  But to do so, we need your help!  Below are several opportunities to assist us in this effort by: (1) bring in an "item of the week"; (2) sponsoring a basket and/or “Fresh Food Pack” for an area family in need; (3) sign up to make a basket at home; and (4) volunteer to help pack baskets and/or aid with distribution of the baskets at CUMC on November 20 and December 18.

Bring in an Item of the Week

Each week in our email newsletter and in our online worship announcements, we are featuring an "item of the week."  Just pick one or two up next time you are at the store and drop them in the food basket in the church lobby next time you are here.  Items from previous week are always welcomed as well.

Items of the week so far have been:  cake mix, mashed potatoes, juice, cooking oil and flour.

Sponsor a Basket/Fresh Food Pack

Our goal for Thanksgiving is to provide a total of 400 food baskets, and 60 “Fresh Food Packs.”  Each “Pack” will consist of a turkey or chicken, plus items such as eggs, butter, milk, and fresh vegetables.  During the next few months, please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry by: (1) making a $35 gift to sponsor a basket for a local family in need; and/or (2) making a $50 gift to sponsor a “Fresh Food Pack”. You can make your donation by completing the form below.

Make at Home Baskets are Back!

You can also support this effort by purchasing the supplies and making a basket at home! If you would like to make a basket at home, please sign-up below.  Approximately 24 hours after you sign-up, you will receive an email with a printable packing list to include with your basket and specific instructions to guide you. You can preview the packing list below.  Baskets should be delivered no later than Saturday, November 13, to Centreville UMC (6400 Old Centreville Road, Centreville, VA, 20121).

Help Pack and Distribute Baskets in November & December

As noted above, CUMC will be hosting the distribution of more than 1,200 baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas for Western Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM).  Many helping hands are needed to help with basket packing as well as distribution of the baskets to families on the Saturdays before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (Note, however, that we are still operating under COVID protocols, so volunteer spot are still somewhat limited compared to pre-COVID times.)

Whether you can help with one or a combination of the four, any support you can provide will be much appreciated!

Please contact Chris Granberg at for additional information.

Thanksgiving Basket Sample Packing List

4 Canned vegetables (corn, peas, mixed veg) (15 oz. can)
1  Potatoes – Instant (box)
3  Canned Fruit (15 oz. can)
1  Chicken Broth (Can or Box)
2  Rice (1 lb bag) Jasmine or White
1  Brownie/Cake Mix
1  Frosting for Cake Mix
1  Sugar (4 lb. bag)
1  Oil (48 oz. or less)
1  Flour (2lb bag)
1  Juice, (64 oz. Plastic Bottle Only)
Total Items 17

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