The Mission Council Needs Your Help:

As those who have already received their capital campaign visits know, a portion of the funds raised by the Capital Campaign will be ear-marked for a "Mission/Outreach Tithe". It is the job of the Mission Council to recommend to the Church Council the proper allocation of those funds. The Mission Council has begun a process of prayerfully discerning and researching how these funds should be used. Our vision is that funds will be appropriated to a small number of specific, high-impact projects in three broad categories: Local Mission, Domestic Mission, and Global Mission.

This will be a long term effort, as all funds will not be available right away, but we are beginning to develop our plans now. As such, we would like to ask for the support of the congregation in two ways. First, we ask you to pray with us for discernment on how God would have us be good stewards of these funds. Second, we welcome suggestions and feedback on where you believe God might be calling us to use these funds. Note, these funds are above and beyond our ongoing mission efforts. They can be used to take an existing ministry to the next level, or to allow God to birth something new in our midst. We are eagerly anticipating the God-sized dreams that will well up in our collective hearts as we move through this discernment process!

The Mission Council is focusing its efforts on developing lasting relationships with highly effective ministries where CUMC will have ongoing engagement beyond just financial support or occasional collection drives. We are looking for active partnerships and relationships.  We are open to considering both our existing ministry connections and new ones we have not yet thought of.

If you have a personal connection with, or know of such a mission ministry, please email Phil Mohr, Director of Missions at Please provide the name of the organization, where it is located, contact information, and why you feel that this may be a good choice for CUMC to partner with. All suggestions will be considered.

We do ask for your patience, however. This will be a slow process, and we anticipate that a number of months will be needed to develop our mission plans as we evaluate our ongoing and growing mission efforts alongside our developing mission emphases.  Furthermore, not all suggestions will ultimately be funded. We believe it is good stewardship to connect deeply with a smaller number ministries rather than spreading ourselves too thinly over multitudes of organizations. The end goal is a long-term sustainable and highly impactful mission ministry strategy for the church.

We would love to speak to anyone with a passion for serving God's world. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions, please contact Phil Mohr at or Tom Chirdon (Mission Council Chair) at

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