Centreville UMC has covenant partnerships with missionaries and communities around the world. These partnerships are much more than simply a financial commitment. They are dynamic relationships where the church and missionary or community pray for one another and communicate regularly. You’re invited to join in the partnership with these missional partnerships.

As a result of prolonged conflict in South Sudan, many communities are in need of clean water, reliable food sources, infrastructure, education, and trauma counseling and support. While these are problems on a very large scale, we can make a difference one community at a time. The mission of Abukloi is to build an educational and vocational training facility in Rumbek, South Sudan that will provide essential skills and training for regional Southern Sudanese. This facility will also serve as a community center for Rumbek, providing a central place to come together and work at rebuilding their country and their lives.

CUMC has worked to raise funds for building the newly established school by hosting, among other things, a live animal show. The Thank God for Kids Ministry brought lions, tigers, camels and other exotic animals to the church for a biblically based performance by Pastor and former Barnum Bailey Ringmaster, Dr. Gary Lavender.

Website: abukloi.org

Helping Haitian Angels is a Christian organization caring for orphaned and abandoned children in Northern Haiti by raising them to become healthy, happy, Christian members of their communities who will have the tools to positively impact future generations.

…whoever is kind to the needy honors God - Proverbs 14:31

CUMC’s first HHA Mission Team served in Cap Haitian, Haiti at the Kay Anj (Angel House) orphanage in October 2013. They are currently working on a project to create a library at the orphanage. The hope is to provide book shelves, bean bag chairs, carpet, a computer with software, and lots of books.

Each week, an “Angel of the Week” is selected for special prayers. CUMC makes this child’s name and description available through the Facebook page and prayer list.

How you can be involved:

CUMC’s Haitian Angel team is raising funds to build and support a library at the new facility. Support our Singing Rooster Fair Trade coffee sales or look for an opportunity to give a donation and receive your very own “Angel”. You are always welcome to buy a children’s book in Creole, French or English and donate it to the library.

Contact: Jeanne Furcron
Email: jfurcron@gmail.com

Website: www.helpinghaitianangels.org

Lithuania is about the size of West Virginia. It is one of the three Baltic nations formerly under the Soviet Union. Although once one of the largest states in Europe (1400s), its history is one of shifting borders, and living under adverse external politics and dominance by a long series of conquering powers. Lithuania struggles with considerable alcoholism and divorce, high unemployment and one of the highest suicide rates in the world as leftovers from the Soviet times. Along with the other two Baltic states, they fear new intrusions and occupation these days from Russia like have happened recently in Ukraine and Georgia.

Centerville UMC first started sending mission teams to Siauliai in 2006 at the request of the District Superintendent of Lithuania who asked that a team come and help with refurbishing of a Methodist building constructed prior to WWII. The teams are part of the Volunteers in Mission program of the United Methodist Church. Since 2006, there have been several different construction projects including help with building a new sanctuary.

Over the years the relationship has shifted from construction to social programs supporting the congregation and children in the community. Our mission teams have provided programs and support for women and children. The women’s programs have focused on developing spirituality and raising self-esteem. The children’s programs have been faith-based presentations for pre-school and elementary aged children at a residential school for speech-impaired children. More recently, our teams have joined with the congregation in their outreach program to teens at the nearby Children’s Home for social orphans. Our mission team traveled to Lithuania in September 2015. The focus of the mission team includes workshops for the women and programs for the children in the orphanages. There is also continued support for the church’s own outreach program for youth from the Children’s Home.

The next mission trip to Lithuania will be in November 2016 to support a Women’s Retreat for women from all of the Methodist churches in Lithuania.

Contact: Dan and Kitty Stapleton
Email: danstapleton@comcast.net

Website: http://www.umc-ne.org/about-us/countries/lithuania/


Centreville UMC is in covenant partnerships with three missionaries around the world. Learn more about who they are, where they serve, and how you can support them.

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