Weekly Devotions 19/28 to 10/2

Wednesday Devotion with Cindy Osborn

From My Perspective

For many years my perspective of our church has only been from the eyes of a member. With the numerous committees, mission work and church initiatives I’ve been involved in, I’ve been blessed to see the hands of Christ within others here at CUMC. It hasn’t all been without struggles, but seeing others love our church as much as I do, certainly has outweighed the discords. As you can imagine, once I became a member of the staff I gained a new perspective. People told me that I would see things that may not be so great and that I would definitely have a different perspective on things here at CUMC. I have to be honest. Yes I’ve seen a few things that have surprised me and have made me a bit sad. But the blessings and joys I have experienced in my new role here at CUMC have greatly outweighed any bumps along the way.

When COVID hit and we had to pause worshiping in person, it made me sad to see our church so quiet and empty, especially the sanctuary. Seeing the sanctuary look like a TV studio certainly wasn’t bringing joy into my life. However, those feelings quickly vanish when I see someone walk into the office asking if they could just have a moment alone in the sanctuary to pray. I am so moved by this…not knowing what is going on in their lives, but knowing that our sanctuary is still a sanctuary where God provides hope and comfort.

I’m often the first person in the office each morning. This began for me as a bit of an eerie feeling. As a member, I had never experienced being alone in this building. But as I turn on the lights and open the doors, I have come to feel so privileged to be that person that gets to help prepare our staff for the work ahead.

And from my office window, I often see a variety of folks sitting out in our church’s courtyard praying. Most are familiar faces and some are not. Seeing others praying here gives me so much hope for what the future holds for our church.

The dedication of all the staff working together as a team, with our different gifts, but for the same purpose is an amazing thing. Figuring out virtual worship with social distancing music, helping those in our community who walk through our doors each day, building maintenance that never ends, ensuring the bills are getting paid, setting up programs for our children and youth and….I haven’t even begun to list all the amazing work our pastors do for all of us, leading and guiding us into our future.

So from my perspective, my NEW perspective, I continue to see the love and hope of Christ as we all strive to do His work and to be His hands. How incredibly blessed I am to have this new perspective each day here at CUMC.

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