Advent Devotion 12-16-20

Wednesday Advent Devotion with Debbie Martin

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
- Colossians 1:17

Today is my first grandson’s first birthday. When I think back to last year, I remember the joyful anticipation of this long-awaited day. I imagine Joseph and Mary had similar emotions as they waited for the birth of Jesus-- the firstborn over all creation, the sustainer of our world. As we know, not all waiting is joyful; waiting for test results, waiting for an end to a pandemic. As we continue through this Advent season of waiting, may we find a sense of peace in scripture that reminds us that Jesus is holding us together.

Heavenly Father, thank you bringing your Son into our world to dwell among us as a man and to identify with all our human traits of fear and anxiety. As we go through each day, when nothing feels normal, without the physical touch of family and friends, may we meditate on the image of Christ holding us close in this most unsettling time. May His peace fill our troubled hearts this Advent season and when this current situation lifts, may we all have a better understanding of what is really important and live each day with grateful hearts for all we have.

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