Poinsettia Tree 2020

Poinsettias Given in Honor

Given in Honor of:

Becky Jackson and the music staff for their inspirational music during our services

Given By: Gardner Annis

Our children and grandchildren

Given By: Diane & Dick Formica

Jason Moon, Laura Hesse, and all at CUMC who minister through music

Given By: Becky Jackson

My husband Gary and daughter Rebecca

Given By: Caroline Kearns

My grandchildren

Given By: Dolores LePage

Our Children

Given By: The Manheim Family

Ave Holbrook

Given By: The Mohr Family

The wonderful women of Friends in Faith

Given By: Anne Muradaz & Karen Newman

Our Parents, Charles and Patricia Kent Reynerio and Annmarie Muradaz

Given By: Martin & Anne Muradaz

All our office volunteers. I miss you and hope to see you back in the New Year.

Given By: Cindy Osborn

Our beautiful granddaughters, Everleigh Marie and Josephine Helen Osborn

Given By: John & Cindy Osborn

CUMC's Amazing Pastors and Staff

Given By: Kim Proppe

CUMC Pastors and Staff

Given By: Patricia Wolfe

Poinsettias Given in Memory

Given in Memory of:

Glynda's father, Rex Butler and Sheldon Barnes, our son

Given By: Oren & Glynda Barnes

In memory of our parents

Given By: Diane Formica

Parents Bob and Ann Daniel, Husband Peter Franck, and Mary K. McClintock

Given By: Patricia Franck

Shirley Towers & William Gehlert; Helen Rasmussen & Herbert Grills; Lillian & Harold Sutton

Given By: Doug & Wendy Grills

Lawrence, Hazel and Gerald Long

Given By: Becky Jackson

Beloved husband Carl Justice

Given By: Susan Justice

Our parents

Given By: The Manheim Family

Ralph and Kathryn Rudkin and Regis McElhaney

Given By: The McElhaney Family

Pat and Don McEwen

Given By: Don & Brenda McEwen

Mike Proppe, Ed and Betty Proppe, and Harold and Betty Lord

Given By: Kim Proppe

Dr. Jorge G. Rangel, Sr. Thank you for sharing the love of God and family, your love of music and your fun sense of humor; and Mildred Epperly, beloved mother and grandmother.  Thank you for the gift of faith and loving example of serving with joy.

Given By: Jorge, Joy, Anthony, Christopher, Michael & Rachel Rangel

Parents, Roy and Carrie Rose

Given By: Norma Rose

Robert Lee Prevatte, Dorothy Walker and Barbara Jean Stewart

Given By: Linda & Jeff Thomas

Gordon and Martha Thomson and Harold and Marie Sanders

Given By: Jim & Deb Thomson

My mother, Lois Miner

Given By: Patricia Wolfe


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