Weekly Lay Devotion 4-21-21

Lay Devotion with Kim Wu

We’ve been talking about holding onto hope for over a year now during this pandemic, and for some of us, we’ve been grasping at a thin thread of hope for much longer.  Whether it’s prolonged health issues, difficult family relationships, or any number of other reasons, holding onto hope day after day and month after month can make us weary and, well, heartsick.

But the beauty of God’s love for us is that He doesn’t leave us there.

Even while our hope is deferred in one area of our lives, He is placing other longings in our heart to show us the way.  The way to life in the midst of pain and suffering.  Life in the midst of long periods of waiting.

And after placing longings that whisper needs deep into our hearts, God – in his infinite wisdom and sovereignty – sets the wheels in motion to fulfill those longings.  Circumstances click into place.  People in our lives take notice and name what they see in us, speaking words of encouragement and affirmation.  We find our voice, and the boldness to take next steps.

When someone is baptized or received into our congregation, together we proclaim: “We will surround these persons with a community of love and forgiveness, that they may grow in their trust of God, and be found faithful in their service to others.  We will pray for them, that they may be true disciples who walk in the way that leads to life.”

That is a big part of the “presence” part of our membership covenant.  To be present for each other.  To help each other find the way forward.  Let us strive to remember this as we contemplate what our church will look like in the new normal.

And thank you to those who have made me feel seen in this season.

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