Devotion 6-30-21

Weekly devotion by Bill Mayall

We recently returned to attending the 1115 worship service in person. Although our ministers, church staff, audio visual staff, music staff and singers, bell ringers, etc. (and no doubt many others operating behind the scene) did an outstanding job and made on-line worship into a meaningful experience over the past year (and continue to do so), actually being able to attend worship services in person fills an important, intrinsic need for me.
As Dave Brown and the Praise Band lead us each week through worship during the Contemporary Service, I find myself moved and reacting in ways that worshipping from the comfort of my favorite chair at home did not. I’m no gifted singer (as my pets will attest), but the comfort of joining the Praise Band and other worshipers in raising our voices in song really resonates with me.
I once read that the Old Testament tells us some 15 times to “sing to the LORD.” Singing, of course, is one aspect by which we worship God, enabling us to proclaim God’s glory and express our gratitude to Him, for both who He is and for the gift he gave us, his Son. Singing is an important part of the worship experience, whether during the traditional 0915 with our outstanding choir or other musical groups or 1115 contemporary service. It is good once again to be able to join fellow worshipers and make a “joyful noise”…together.
Prayer: Psalm 105, Verse 2 tells us “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.” Lord, thank you for the opportunity to worship freely; to find words of inspiration and hope in song; to have our hearts and souls touched and moved in such a way that we recommit ourselves to doing your will; let us raise our voices in celebration of Your Holy Name and draw closer to You, Heavenly Father. Amen

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