Missionary Update – The Harpers – September 2021

"Dear Unterwegs..."

The final weeks and days before furlough began were hectic. They were full of organizing our belongings, goodbyes, and enjoying the city we have fallen in love with over the last 4.5 years.

One of my lasts before this season started was to meet a student named Kristina for a coffee. Kristina is someone who has been a part of the Unterwegs Freiburg community from the beginning. You may have heard us mention the person who always brought baked goods or treated us to coffee when they could tell we'd had a hard week....that person? That was Kristina. Extending hospitality is clearly something that comes easy to her.

So, as Kristina and I met at el Purica (our favorite local coffee roaster) before we left for the states, she handed me an envelope. She said it was a "Thank You" letter to me and to Unterwegs and asked me to share the contents of this letter with anyone and everyone who has been or who wants to become a financial partner with Unterwegs Freiburg. Kristina wanted you to also know how this community has impacted her life. This is what she has to say...

Dear Erin, Dear Unterwegs,
I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate what you and your team do in Freiburg. The community you have built over the last few years has helped me not only to make new friends, but also made me appreciate the small things in life more.
Since meeting you I have thought more about my faith than I had for a long time before that. You inspire everyone that has been part of the little Unterwegs "family" to be more thankful and supportive. I want to thank you and everyone that has made it possible for you to be part of my life and that you can continue to bring people together. You manage to make them smile despite the stress of being a student, especially during a pandemic.
In times like these, I believe that your work is more important than ever and I am grateful that organizations like Globalscope exist. I hope you and Donovan have a peaceful time abroad and that you will come back soon.
We'll be waiting for you!

Thank you for making it possible for students like Kristina to be a part of a community like Unterwegs where they can be themselves, learn what it means to be a part of a Jesus-centered family, and to rediscover their faith.

Kristina (far right) with our newest teammate, Katie Roshelli, and a fellow student at Partywegs, our end of the year party.

The pictures above are from our annual event called "Partywegs". It was the first time our community has been able to gather together since Partywegs 2020. In following the rules set in place by the government, each person had to provide proof of vaccination, proof of a negative test no older than 24hrs, or proof of having recovered from COVID. Each person in these pictures was able to show that which meant we could be in closed quarters without keeping distance or having to wear masks. It was a piece of normalcy and it was a beautiful gift from God. Thank you, Jesus!
Our mailing address is:
Donovan & Erin Harper
CMF International
PO Box 50120
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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