Missionary Update – Ellyn Dubberly November 2021

November 2021 Update from Ellyn Dubberly

Update from Your Missionary in El Salvador – November 2021

Giving Thanks 

The longer I live in El Salvador, the more I see God’s beautiful signs of the changing seasons. Being a North Carolina girl, I have been spoiled by having the best of all four seasons. Here in El Salvador, we are completing the rainy season and entering the dry season. This changing of seasons provides some of the best weather that El Salvador has to offer. Beautiful sunny days that aren’t too hot, gentle afternoon breezes, and gorgeous sunsets all display God’s glory in creation.

This Thanksgiving my family has so much to be thankful for; most importantly our health and togetherness. We are also thankful for the opportunities that the Lord provides for us to serve Him and His people. This is a wonderful gift that we do not take for granted. Thank you for your support of my ministry and my family. The salary support that you send to me through Global Ministries means that we can serve without worry about how we will pay the bills and put food on the table. It means that we can be generous with our time, service, tithes, and offerings in thanksgiving to God. It means that we can help a friend in need unexpectedly. It means that we as a family have access to good medical service, good education, and a safe and comfortable home to rest when we are able. Thank you for helping to provide these securities in our lives. We pray that we are good stewards with the blessings that God gives us and that we share generously with others that He places in our path. We also pray that God’s blessings will be abundant in your life this Thanksgiving season.

Christmas Planning – Navidad con Jesus 

As December approaches I’m so excited about a special children’s ministry program that the Lord has placed on my heart. It’s a combined effort between Christian Education, The Bishop’s Office, and the Conference Youth of the Evangelical Methodist Church in El Salvador. We are planning three incredible days of evangelism for the children in the 13 Methodist Churches in El Salvador. Conference youth will help support these events with worship leadership and dramatizations. Local churches will support these events by inviting children, hosting the children, and providing refreshments and follow-up activities. In three days, we are hoping to bless 700 children with the gospel message and a special Christmas gift as a sign of God’s incredible love. I can’t wait to show you some photos of the events. If you are interested in knowing how you or your church can support these events, please contact me through email and I am happy to send more information.

Women’s Online Bible Study Opportunity (In English)

One of the ways I refill my spiritual tank is through Bible Study Fellowship, an international Bible Study ministry. I serve as an online discussion group leader and our group currently has room to add one or two more women. If you are looking to join an online Bible Study, I encourage you to consider joining BSF and being a part of my online group. We are currently studying the book of Matthew. Drop me a message through email or WhatsApp if you would like more information.

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