Weekly Devotion 1-13-22

This week's devotion with Kieu Trinh

We would like to recognize one of our ESL students, Kieu Trinh Nguyen, for her outstanding dedication to learning English.  Despite needing to take breaks from ESL classes due to illness, work schedules, and life circumstances, Kieu Trinh persevered and progressed from beginning ESL to the advanced class over many years, and she is deeply grateful to Centreville United Methodist church and its ESL ministry.  Here is more about her ESL journey in her own words:

My name is Kieu Trinh Nguyen (Kathy).  I grew up in Vietnam. My country had a civil war for over 20 years. After April 30, 1975, the war ended but Vietnam became a communist country with a big change about politics.  At that time, many Vietnamese decided to leave the country by small boat, crossing the ocean to look for the freedom. I was one among them. It is a dangerous trip to cross the ocean on a small boat and there is danger from the pirate (sea–robber) too.  Thanks to God who saved me when I went across the ocean 35 years ago.  I was lucky when my sister sponsored me to come to the United State as a refugee. It was very difficult when I had to start new life with a new culture.  Everything is strange to me. I tried to learn everything to be part of my new community.

Step by step, my life stabilized. In 2007, my elder sister guided me to come to Centreville United Methodist Church to study English in the ESL program. Frankly speaking, I was worried because my English was very poor and it was not easy for me to go to work and to study the same time. But I realized that if I could understand what the Americans were saying when they talked to me, I could look for a new job, I could go shopping myself and have the freedom to go any places independently. So, I decided to follow the English program.

I participated in many English classes organized by the Centreville Church with many teachers beginning in 2007 until now.  Unfortunately, I got seriously sick for a long time, so I had to stop studying from 2017 until September 2021, when I was able to start again.

Day by day, I learned to speak and understand basic English for communication and I started to understand what happened around me. I appreciate all the teachers who patiently guided me speaking and writing English. Thank you for your enthusiasm and the devotion to encourage me to study harder and harder.  The teachers not only teach us English but you also give us the knowledge of the life. The English class becomes familiar with me like my Family.

Deeply in my heart, I am grateful to all of you to help me have the progress in English communication, to change my life for better.

I wish all of you happiness, good health and prosperity. May God bless you and your families. I will never forget you.

Kieu Trinh Nguyen ( Kathy)

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