Weekly Devotion – 1/18/23

This week's Devotion with Kim Wu

There are moments when we get a glimpse of ourselves, a glimpse of how others see and experience us, and we don’t like what we see.

Most of the time, we feel like we’re trying hard; we’re doing the best we can, and that’s enough.   But then life comes along and shows us another path we could have taken.  A decision made differently.   One where we chose to reach out to someone, even someone who isn’t easy to deal with, rather than to push them off to a later, more convenient time, which rarely comes along.  Or we see other ways in which we were too caught up in ourselves to notice the people around us.

And where do we turn when those feelings surface, especially when we can’t get those moments back?

When Jesus invites two fishermen to “come and see” in John 1:39, He is inviting them to see the life He is offering.  A life of humility and service.  A life marked by abundant grace and forgiveness.  A life of second chances and healing.  A life of transformation.

Jesus extended this invitation to two fishermen - men who probably felt like they weren’t good enough.  Certainly men who weren’t seen by others as good enough to be chosen.  And he offers this life to me, and to you.   No matter our past.  He offers us all a clean slate, a new beginning.

How fortunate we are to have Jesus.  To know we can turn to Him in all circumstances.

But what about those who don’t know they can turn to Jesus?  Those who haven’t experienced His love and saving grace?

There’s a second “come and see” in the first chapter of John.  Philip utters these words to Nathaniel just a short time after receiving his own invitation to follow Jesus.  Philip, realizing who Jesus is, wastes no time in inviting others into the life Jesus offers.

How often do we invite others to “come and see” what Jesus is offering?  How often do we share the ways that Jesus provides healing for our brokenness?  Or the ways He brings true joy to our lives?

It can be scary to step out in faith in this way, to make ourselves vulnerable as we share our stories.  But what a privilege and a joy to be able to share the hope of Christ with others who may be feeling hopeless.

Lord Jesus, thank you for all the ways you meet me in my humanity, the ways you calm my fears and bring me peace and restoration.  Give me the courage to share my stories with others and invite them to come and see the abundant life You offer all of us.  Amen.

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