Our Wandering Wise Men – December 7

When Gaspar saw a man with a long white beard and a rich velvet suit unlike anything he had ever seen before, he was convinced they had found the king they were seeking.  The kindly elf explained that he was NOT the king they sought.  He did read them a story about himself - “The Night Before Christmas,” which turns 200 this year!  He told the magi to keep following the star and that he would be sure to bring a gift to this new king they were seeking.

Today's Quote:  From "A Word from 'Saint Nicholas'" from the Saint Nicholas Center (Author unknown)

In my own heart I cannot separate Christmas
from that Boy Child born in Bethlehem
some two thousand years ago.

I believe that Boy Child
was the Child of the Divine Mystery,
and He came into the world for love of us all.

I believe He came to bring healing,
freedom, and peace.

I believe He also came to invite everyone
to forget themselves and remember the needs of others.

For me, the religious meaning of Christmas
is a source of deep joy.

You must understand that my message
echoes the message of that Child born so long ago.

I am not the offspring of the Divine Mystery,
only His unworthy servant.

I am Saint Nicholas,
and the religious meaning of Christmas
will always be close to my heart.

Today's Microchallenge:

In honor of its 200th anniversary, read “The Night Before Christmas” to a child.  Don’t know any young people?  Read it to a “grown up”!  Bonus points if you read it at a meeting for work!

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