Our Wandering Wise Men – December 9

“Hark!” said Gaspar, “now hear the angels sing?  What are they singing?”  Melchior listened intently, and replied “Glory to the newborn King!  This must be the way!”  The three wise men felt sure that they had stumbled upon actual angels who were singing of the king they sought to serve.  While they sounded positively seraphic and cherubic, these angels were actually choir members who were practicing for the Cantata to be held tomorrow at Centreville UMC.  The three wise men listened as the choir sang “lustily and with good courage” about the birth of this Jesus whom they were seeking.  Balthasar was so inspired by the sound of the choir singing that he decided to give it a try himself.  After hearing a few notes, Gaspar and Melchior convinced him that it would be better if he just listened to the choir instead.

Today's Quote: “The wintry morning was quiet except for my boots crunching loudly on the endless snow as I walked past the tall spruce tree.  As I passed the tree it suddenly came alive with song…Deep inside the thickly branched tree the sparrows had been awakened by some inner alarm clock…A smile came as I pondered that usually silent tree now full of hidden music. The cares and worries of the winter day immediately lost their layers of burden and urgency…

To all I say this Christmas:  look for the singing tree in your life.  It may be the squeals and laughter of children or the guffaws of friends enjoying a good story.  It may be the quiet wind in the willows or the voice of a loved one calling to say hello.  It may be the chorus of glorias heard at a church service or the tinkle of chimes on the back porch.  It may be the voice of God in your heart telling you of your own goodness by a well satisfied feeling, or it may be a zillion little sparrows hidden in a wintered spruce tree chirping their first song of the dawn.  This Christmas, listen closely.  You may hear a singing tree and your heart be filled with joy.” (Joyce Rupp)

Today's Microchallenge:  Attend the Cantata tomorrow at 9:30 or 11:00.  In addition to hearing some wonderful music, you will also get to sing “lustily and with good courage!”

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