Our Wandering Wise Men – December 13

The magi found themselves traveling through a magical peppermint forest created by the Children’s Ministry team and some children during a Christmas Candyland party.  This lifted the spirits of the group a little - they had begun to feel anxious about not making good travel time on this journey.  (Gaspar in particular was feeling a bit guilty about insisting on more time to play in the snow yesterday.)  As they came across a gumdrop pass Gaspar cried, “Eureka! I have found us a shortcut!  This gumdrop pass will definitely buy us back some time!”

Today's Quote:  “Play is an expression of God’s presence in the world.  Instead of Christians wearing sackcloth and ashes at the condition of our world, maybe we should strike up a game of capture the flag in our neighborhood.  Our neighbors may need Jesus, but first they need a rousing evening of charades.  Certainly our children need discipline, but what they may need more is a family Ping Pong championship.  What if our strategy to win the world was to “play” people into the kingdom of God?  A friend of mine is a member of a church who toyed with making their motto “The Church that Knows How to Play.”  I think he’s onto something.” (Mike Yaconelli)

Today's Microchallenge:  Become like little children to enter the kingdom.  No good ideas?  Complete these sentences several times in a journal: “It could be fun to …” and “If it weren’t so silly, I would …”  Write a simple prayer to God with your left hand.  If you’re a southpaw, use your right hand.

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