Our Wandering Wise Men – December 18

After about a half a day of traveling through an evergreen forest, the magi began to feel as though they were traveling in circles.  As it turned out they were – they had stumbled into the Advent Wreath at Centreville United Methodist Church!  They were a little fuzzy on the details, but they had a vague understanding that each candle on the outer ring meant something.. The wise men thought if they lit their own version of these candles, the meanings might become more clear.  Although the men were a bit mesmerized by the flickering flames, it didn’t help them understand the meaning of each candle..  “If only Donnie were here!” lamented Melchior, “He could explain these candles to us!”  “First things first,” cried Balthasar, “We have to quit going round in circles!” 

Today's Quote:  “The third candle of Advent symbolizes joy.  As we continue to approach Christmas Day, our joy grows more and more.  It takes us back to the joyful anticipation of the shepherds who journeyed to see Jesus in Bethlehem, even before the wise men.  For this reason it is often called the ‘Shepherd’s Candle” and its color is pink.” (Cate Von Dohlen)

Today's Microchallenge:  Listen to “Joy to the World.”

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