Our Wandering Wise Men – December 21

The three wise men (and Donnie) still had no presents for the baby Jesus, and they were not even sure how far they had wandered.  They were lost, had no gifts to offer, and now all around them was darkness.  Luckily, Donnie had his trusty telescope.  “We can always go back to basics,” he said, “The longest night of the year is good for finding stars!”  The magi remembered that following a star had begun their whole journey in the first place!

Today’s Quote: “Our world has been walking in darkness since the fall from grace in the garden of Eden.  The human children of God have been caught in a war between the opposing forces of darkness and light that have existed since the Creation.  Two thousand years ago, God knew that his children were not going to win their battle against the darkness on their own, so God “struck a match” - creating a flame that would ignite the world and the hearts of humankind.” (Ed Robb)

Today’s Microchallenge:  Find the darkest place outside you can, and look to the star.  Burn a fire tonight for the longest night of the year!

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