Our Wandering Wise Men – December 23

The wise men finally caved in and asked a wise old “Owl” for help.  “Alexa?” they said, “Where is Bethlehem?”  The owl hooted in response, but Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior could not understand what this curious creature was trying to tell them.  (They later learned that this mysterious animal was used for special meetings called "Zoom meetings" but having no need for such a thing, they left without receiving any direction.)  Upon leaving the area, they came to King Herod, and inquired of him where the King was to be born.

Today’s Quote:  God did everything necessary to get Herod's attention. He sent messengers from the East and a message from the Torah. He sent wonders from the sky and words from Scripture. He sent the testimony of the heavens and the teaching of the prophets. But Herod refused to listen. He chose his puny dynasty over Christ.(Max Lucado)

Today’s Microchallenge: How is God trying to get your attention in this season? 

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