Our Wandering Wise Men – January 2

Gaspar, Balthasar and Melchior had this strange feeling when they gazed upon the image on the glass ball in front of them. There was something about that image that was eerily familiar to them, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it…

Today’s Quote:The magi signal to us that opening God’s home and God’s table was God’s plan all along.  Everyone is welcome to come and worship the Christ with joyful curiosity.  I love that the magi mess with our definitions of inclusion.  They bend our understanding of the people of God.  Together we have experienced an unlikely gift, in a peculiar place, presented by a curious people, so that ordinary folks like you and me can experience an unprecedented, undeserved, unexpected, unlikely Advent.  (Rachel Billups)

Today’s Microchallenge:  Ask God to open your mind and heart to people who need an invitation - whether into your home for a meal or into the church for God’s table.  Pray for God to place a person on your heart and mind who is in need of a bit of joy this season.

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