The Endowment Fund

The endowment fund provides vital support for CUMC's vision to be a welcoming congregation inviting all God's children to experience and share Christ's transforming love.

Examples of grants funded by the endowment fund include a merit-based scholarship, the purchase of musical equipment, the purchase of missions equipment, and building repairs.

Grants in 2020-2021 from CUMC's Endowment Fund

* Merit Scholarships ($7,000),
* Centreville Day School ($10,000),
* Cargo Van purchase ($5,000),
* Air Purification and Filtration system ($7,000+),
* Parking lot Improvements ($5,980),
* Kitchen Renovation ($25,000).
The total number of grants since the Endowment Fund's inception in 1998 is $197,592!

Endowment Fund Merit Based Scholarship

The CUMC Endowment Fund merit-based scholarship program will make one award, up to $3,000, to the selected candidate, that can be applied towards tuition, books, or other school related expenses during the college school year. The scholarship will not be awarded if no applications are received that meet the selection criteria.

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