What is Worship to Us?

What we think and what we do are expressions of who we are. Trying hard to change ourselves is a losing proposition—but when we’re traveling with God and letting God work in our lives, we find that transformation becomes a beautiful reality! Worship is about intentionally bringing ourselves before God so that we can encounter God in transforming ways.

Worship is a central necessity for the life of the church and for each of Christ’s disciples. You are invited to join in one of the many worship opportunities at Centreville UMC, whether it is one of the regular worship services on Sundays or a special worship service taking place during seasonal celebrations. CUMC believes children have a lot to offer in worship, so they are welcome to join in any of the worshipping opportunities. For parents who prefer, there is a fully staffed infant and toddler nursery available during all worship services. For more questions about worship opportunities, please contact the church office at 703-830-2684.

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