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Our Scriptures:

Old Testament Lessons

Exodus 20:13

Isaiah 11:6-9

New Testament Lesson

Matthew 5:17-26

Our Topic:

This week in our summer sermon series on the 10 Commandments called "Life-Giving Words," we look at the sixth commandment – Do not Kill.  This commandment deals not only with physical violence, but also with anger in the heart.  When left unchecked, this can turn to contempt, which dehumanizes the other person.  This is in direct conflict with God, as we are all created in the beautiful image of God.

Each week during the series we are adding different imagery on the altar.  This week we are adding activated charcoal to our terrarium vessel.  Charcoal is used in planting to filter out toxins that might damage the plants.  We too must be careful to filter out toxic feelings, that when left to fester, can be destructive in our relationships.

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