Special Services featuring Chancel Choir, Lenten and other Seasonal Services

Throughout the Christian year, Centreville UMC offers additional special services for opportunities to encounter God through worship beyond Sunday mornings. Dates, times and focuses vary each year and will be posted here as well as on the homepageFacebook, and the bulletin as these services approach. For additional information on upcoming special services, you may contact the receptionist at receptionist@centreville-umc.org.


Reserving the Facilities

If you are interested in reserving a date for your wedding, use the contact form to contact our Wedding Scheduler, Jean Josefson.

  • Dates can be scheduled up to one year in advance for church members.  Dates can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance for non-members.  Weddings should be scheduled a minimum of 2 months prior to the date of the wedding.
  • Once you’ve sent your request, we will respond with the available times to finalize these details.
  • Weddings are scheduled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • Weddings are performed only on Saturdays.
  • No weddings are scheduled on holidays or major holiday weekends.

Contact: Jean Josefson at jjosefson@centreville-umc.org

Your Wedding Day

Once your wedding date and location are confirmed, a Wedding Coordinator will be assigned to you to assist in planning your service and in directing your rehearsal. Your Wedding Coordinator will be available to help make your wedding day go smoothly.

All couples, whether members or non-members, who wish to be married by one of our ministers will be required to participate in premarital counseling in the months prior to the wedding date. Permission may be granted for another clergy person to assist in or perform the ceremony if no clergy of CUMC are available.

Music is an important part of your ceremony and our church has multiple organists who will be available to make appropriate selections and other musical arrangements.

Wedding Policy

To learn more about the policies regarding weddings at Centreville UMC, please read the pdf download.


Wedding Request

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A worship service following the death of a loved one does at least two things: it enables us to face the reality of our mortality and comforts us in the celebration of another reality — life after death in God. As one of our creeds declares: “In life, in death, in life beyond death, we are not alone. Thanks be to God!”

A service where the body of the deceased is present is called a funeral; a memorial service is appropriate when the body of the deceased is not present. (Interment follows the funeral service; in the case of a memorial service, interment occurs prior to the service. Interment can be before or after the memorial service.)

It is the commitment of the clergy and music leadership of Centreville United Methodist Church to claim and present a properly balanced and theologically sound experience for all who seek God through worship at the time of death.

For help planning and preparing for a funeral, please contact the Office Receptionist who can get in you in touch with one of CUMC’s Pastors.

Office Receptionist

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00

Families may use any funeral home to provide support and direction following the loss of a loved one. Some of the funeral homes CUMC works with regularly include:

Demaine Funeral Home
10565 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 385-1110

Stonewall Memory Gardens
12004 Lee Hwy
Manassas, VA 20109
(703) 754-4210

Baker-Post Funeral Home & Cremation Center
10001 Nokesville Rd
Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 368-3116

Bereavement is the time of mourning after a loss. Centreville UMC regularly offers grief support groups for those who have lost loved ones. There are also a number of local counseling organizations who can provide ongoing care as desired or needed. To learn more about available grief care, support and resources contact the Church Office at 703-830-2684.

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00


Baptism is a special joy in the life of all believers. In the life of infants, it is a reminder of the claim God has on each of our lives, even before we are able to profess the name of Christ. In the life of children, youth, and adults, baptism is an opportunity to be welcomed into the life of the Church with a reminder of God’s love which has always been present in your life.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is a sacrament within The United Methodist Church and is considered an outward and visible sign of the inward grace of God at work in the lives of all people. Baptism is initiated by God and is a sign of God’s grace that has been at work in our lives before we were aware of it. In the life of the baptized person, baptism represents receiving the Holy Spirit, being initiated into the body of Christ, forgiveness of our sins, and a time of new birth.

People of all ages, including infants, are welcomed to be baptized within The United Methodist Church. Matthew 19:14 reminds us that little children belong in God’s Kingdom by saying: “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” Infant baptism represents the baptized child’s inclusion into God’s Kingdom. When a child is baptized, his/her parent(s) promise to set a Christian example and teach and guide their child(ren) into becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ until the child(ren) can make a decision for themselves to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The congregation also makes a pledge to nurture and encourage the child(ren) in their faith.

For those who were not baptized as infants, The United Methodist Church also practices youth and adult baptism. When an adult makes a profession of faith, they are baptized with water, representing that they are welcomed into the family of God and marked as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Baptism Class

Planning on being baptized or having your child baptized this year? Are you simply interested in learning more about the meaning of baptism? Come and join the Baptism Class!All who seek to be baptized, or those seeking to bring their children to be baptized, should plan to complete the class prior to their baptism date. The Baptism Class is a great way to learn more about the sacrament of Baptism in the United Methodist Church, and what it means for you and/or your child in your faith walk.

Baptism is a special, sacred, and holy moment in the church. With this new baptism class, you have the wonderful opportunity to be fully prepared and equipped for your and/or your child’s exciting day. Baptism classes are offered every other month at 9:30AM on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall. To sign up for the baptism class and/or to have you or your child baptized, please fill out the contact form.

Baptism Request

Use the contact form to contact Jean Josefson, for general inquiries about Baptism Class or the opportunity to be Baptized at Centreville UMC.

Baptism Request

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