Mask Making Ministry

Are you good with a sewing machine? Here is a ministry you can do from your own home.

While the science is still being debated on the relative effectiveness of cloth masks compared to surgical masks or N-95 masks, what is now being more widely embraced is that wearing a cloth mask is considerably better than no mask at all if worn with all other precautions in place. As such, some volunteers in the church have begun making masks for us. We want to be able to offer these masks to all mission volunteers and worship volunteers who need to be in our building. If we can produce enough masks, we would also like to share them with any church member who feels they could benefit from having one, and possibly expand to those in our community who are particularly at risk (the homeless, check-out cashiers, and the like).

If you would be interested in participating in this ministry, please contact Laura Hesse at Laura has a pattern and instructions she can send you. We may also be able to provide some of the fabric and other needed materials to make the masks.

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