Missionary Update – Erin and Donovan Harper

God is good
To say that Erin and I are happy that Spring is coming and that it seems like it is starting to get warmer and that the winter is now behind us is the understatement of the year. These last few months have been some of the most difficult months that we have had to get through. I try to constantly remind myself that God is good. It is easy these days to forget that and solely focus on all the negativity in the world. God is good. Erin and I have struggled these past few months being the only two people on a team, but God is good. We have been in lockdown since the middle of December, but God is good. We have been lonely, isolated, and just lost at times, but God is good. He showed us that many times these past few months. I was able to read "God has a name" with a few students that ended up being really nice, and now we are going to read another book together in the coming weeks. Erin is meeting weekly with students talking about different books they are reading together, and just catching up and talking about life. Erin went through town with a student the other week and cleaned little plaques on the ground in front of houses that are there in remembrance of the victims of the holocaust who used to live there. Amidst the tragedy and loss of the pandemic, there are beautiful things that are happening here in Freiburg.
Which brings me to my next point! The reason that the subject of this update is amazing news is that we have a new update with a couple of future teammates! Katie Roshelli is fully funded! Thank God. Another future teammate, Nora, is so close to being at 100% that she is already coming down to Freiburg from her hometown to start interviewing and looking for apartments! Please pray for Katie and the process of receiving her Visa. Covid has caused this to be quite the ordeal, so just please pray for peace of mind and patience for Katie. Please pray for Erin as well as she is working tirelessly to figure this out with the German government!

A quick look into our events during the semester break: Donovan is hosting a workout event for students every week via zoom (top), a student favorite - Cafe English - is happening to have something for our students every other week. We decided to switch off between just playing a game and then having a more detailed evening of Jackbox games, Brooklyn 99, and Bingo!

What's Changed?
Our lockdown here in Germany that has been in place since the middle of December is finally starting to loosen up. They are definitely being cautious about it, but like mentioned earlier, it is without a doubt a breath of fresh air.
Donovan is currently hosting a workout event online every week where students can join in and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.


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