Sneedville Mission Trip 2022 Recap

Here's a recap from Jill Lee, part of the Sneedville Mission Team, which went to Sneedville June 18-25, 2022:

First of all we want to thank our prayer partners for their lovely messages that were sent. We also appreciated the many messages we received during the week from so many of you.  And we thank our families for their support while we were away from them for the week doing God's work.

At church on Sunday, Pastor Kerry Bond annointed our hands and prayed for us during the service. This was very touching and appreciated by us.  We could not do our usual Sunday afternoon picnic afterwards, so we experienced the beauty of Elrod Falls instead.

Ladies Group: This was business as always. The Ladies met and their theme was transformation which they carried out through the image of a butterfly throughout the week. On average, approximately 10 women met with Patsy and Peggy daily.  Jim was thinking of starting a Men's group and we had a family offer their home as a meeting spot.

Nursing Home: We brought them boxes of items that were collected, and extras of what they requested. They received picture books, picture frames, photo albums, shower caddies, and many bingo items to use as prizes for the residents. We also provided lunch for the staff one day during the week.

Back Yard Bible: With the much-appreciated assistance of Rachel Rangel, we were able to put together 60 hygiene kits which also contained coloring books and crayons, which were delivered to the families. The kids also stated that they were loving the online component that Kim Adams was providing.  More about that in the future.

Construction: The construction team of Jill Lee and Jim Symons were able to accomplish every request given. We worked on totally cleaning the First Aid building and the exterior hotel rooms and bathrooms. The dining hall has been totally remodeled and is beautifully done.  The doors needed to be painted, along with areas of wood that have had water damage and needed replacement.   Jim completed a masterful job of reattaching an AC unit which was falling off one of the buildings.

The team visited Rev. Ron and Judy, who run Camp Jubilee, one day after our workday was done. Rev. Ron suffered a stroke earlier this year, but he is doing extremely well--still cannot move his left arm and leg but his joking personality has not diminished in the least.

YES--we did go to Cumberland Gap and sang and prayed and then we enjoyed DQ.

"Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God" Micah 6:8

We all felt we were able to connect our faith with our actions and our care for those in need.

Blessings to all,
The Mighty 4--Jill, Jim, Peggy and Patsy (the latter completing her 25th year serving in Sneedville and the recipient of the 2022 FAVOLE Award)

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