Our Wandering Wise Men – Day 6

December 2

The wise men were delighted to happen upon a great feast, especially one such as this.  This was a feast given in celebration of fellow travelers from all over the globe, who just completed a semester of English as a Second Language classes.  Surely this welcoming embrace of people from afar was a good omen for the journey ahead.

“A custom existed among the first generations of Christians, when faith was a bright fire that warmed more than those who kept it burning. In every house then a room was kept ready for any stranger who might ask for shelter; it was even called “the stranger’s room.” Not because these people thought they could trace something of someone they loved in the stranger who used it, not because the man or woman to whom they gave shelter reminded them of Christ, but because—plain and simple and stupendous fact—he or she was Christ.”  Dorothy Day

Pray for those who are displaced or away from their homeland and navigating a foreign culture this Christmas season.  Ask God if he is calling you to minister to this population, by teaching an ESL class in the future, or by helping to welcome refugees in our area.

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