Our Wandering Wise Men Day 11

December 6

After many days of travel, the three wise men began to be plagued by doubts about their pilgrimage.  Fortunately, they were able to pay a visit to one of the most learned men in the land, who opened up the scriptures for them and reassured them that their journey was a noble one.  They would find and worship the new king!

“Why is Jesus called a “counselor”?  When you are going through something very difficult, it’s good to talk to someone who has walked the same path, who knows personally what you have been going through.  If God has really been born in a manger, then we have something that no other religion even claims to have.  It’s a God who truly understands you, from the inside of your experience.  There’s no other religion that says God has suffered, that God had to be courageous, that he knows what it is like to be abandoned by friends, to be crushed by injustice, to be tortured and die.  Christmas shows he knows what you’re going through.   When you talk to him, he understands.”  Timothy Keller

Today’s micro-challenge: Say a prayer today, voicing to God any struggles, challenges, or places of uncertainty you are facing.  Rest in the knowledge that God knows, God cares, and God is with you.

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