Our Wandering Wise Men Day 16

December 12

As our three travelers labored to reach the top of Mt. Poinsettia, they wondered if this was what Moses felt like when he climbed Mt. Sinai all those years ago.

 “The genealogy (of Jesus) reminds us that the promise of a Messiah took generations to come to be fulfilled.  Jesus was “the son of Abraham.”  God said to Abraham that all the peoples of the earth would be blessed through his descendants….But it was centuries, millenia, before the angel came to Mary and told her about the child she was to bear….You cannot judge God by your calendar.  God may appear to be slow, but he never forgets his promises….Christmas means that God is working out his purposes.  ‘Though the mills of God grind slowly…they grind exceedingly fine.’  God may seem to have forgotten, but right now he is in the process of arranging all that will fulfill his great promises.” – Timothy Keller

Today’s micro-challenge: Perspective can have a dramatic effect on how we view situations we are facing.  Find a place – mental or physical – where you can get a different perspective.

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