Our Wandering Wise Men Day 19

December 15

The three wise men, who had been traveling for some time now - based on not much more than a hunch that the star they saw was a sign of something bigger – stopped abruptly.  There before them was surely another sign:  a crown and a star dangling from a large evergreen tree.  The star will lead them to the newborn King!

“Advent—from the Latin for “a coming, an approach, or an arrival”—is upon us. This season is more than a sentimental, reminiscent waiting for a new Baby Jesus. The need for adult Christianity and Jesus’ actual message is so urgent that we cannot allow the great feast of Christmas, and its preparation in Advent, to be watered down in any way. The suffering, injustice, and devastation on this planet are too great to settle for an infantile Gospel or Jesus. Jesus taught that the “reign of God” or the “kingdom of God” asks a great deal of us personally—surrender, simplicity, solidarity with suffering.” - Richard Rohr

Today’s micro-challenge:  Spend a few minutes alone with God.  What is God asking you to do, to help bring about His kingdom here on earth?

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