Our Wandering Wise Men Day 23

Inspired by the singing they heard from the choir, our trio decided to give it a try themselves.

“What do we say when we express wonder beyond words, when we look intently? When we address someone or something that fills us with love and joy in its presence, and intense longing in its absence? It is more of an exclamation than a word. We say O!    O! invites us to look and look long toward the Beloved, the source of all love. O is the smallest word in English, yet it is packed with meaning. It perfectly expresses both the cry and the call of Advent in its very essence. It is the rapturous lament that expresses both longing and joy in perhaps the most beloved of all Advent hymns: O come, O come, Emmanuel.” – Kate Bowler

Today’s micro-challenge:  When was the last time you've "looked intently" toward Christ?

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