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9:30 AM Worship Service Livestream

Scriptures: Genesis 2:2-3; Matthew 18:21-22

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The Opening Prayer was adapted from

Music acknowledgements: A Time to Sing Praise, by Robert Leaf © 1992 Choristers Guild. Where Charity and Love Prevail, translation by Omer Westendorf © 1961 World Library Publications, Inc. God, How Can We Forgive, words by Ruth Duck © 1996 The Pilgrim Press. Toccata in Seven, by John Rutter © 1975 Oxford University Press. The music is presented with permission under One License X-732009. Let Us Now Depart in Thy Peace – adapt. Lee Hastings Bristol, Jr., copyright 1961, Concordia Publishing House, This piece used by permission. Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ, by Benjamin Tucker © Copyright 2020 CandelaWorks Music (ASCAP)

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