Welcome to the Virtual "Find Your Place" Ministry Fair!

There’s a place for you here!

As you browse the Virtual "Find Your Place" Fair, allow God to stretch you to grow in new directions.

Listed below are our ministry areas, and ways you can plug in for each one of them -  to grow, to connect, or to serve.  You can click on each opportunity listed to learn more.  Each opportunity is designated as occurring in person, remote, or can occur as both in person and remotely.  

At the bottom of this list, you will find a link to a response card.  Use this card to prayerfully discern one or two areas God is calling you to grow as a Christian, and one or two areas where God is calling you to serve.  When you're ready, complete the card and offer it as a gift to the Lord, trusting that the joy of the Lord will meet you there.  



Worship and Music Ministry by Kimberly Wu


Adult Small Groups by Kimberly Wu


Admin and Facilities by Kimberly Wu

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