Our Wandering Wise Men Day 32

December 28

Believing they had taken a wrong turn somewhere, the wise men consulted Google Maps.

“I think…we come into the world with a scrap, a shred of some cosmic map in our grasp.  It’s lined onto the palms of our hands that emerged with us, fisted, from our mother’s ocean.  There are days when I believe that if we touch enough hands, place them side by side, we’ll finally see the map.  Across the landscape of our palms, across the terrain of our hands that come in different sizes and colors and have wrinkles or scars and are smooth or leathery with work and are missing fingers or are twisted with illness, across their flesh lie the lines that if we look closely enough are connected and will tell us which way to go.” – Jan Richardson

Today’s micro-challenge:  What other hands are you touching, and are they hands just like yours, or do they represent different terrains?

  • Our Wandering Wise Men Day 1

    The star shone brightly against the dark night sky, and drew the attention of Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior – three wise men from the east. "The season of Advent means there is something on the horizon the likes of which we have never seen before.  It is not possible to

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  • Our Wandering Wise Men Day 2

    The men couldn’t contain their excitement, as this star was the sign they had been waiting for.  They must go and worship the king of the Jews!  Balthasar was well-prepared to celebrate this joyous occasion, and generously shared his party supplies with the others. "Joys are always on their way

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  • Our Wandering Wise Men Day 3

    Fresh from the bustle of the Black Friday sales, our wise men gathered their gifts to take to the infant king.  Balthasar’s approach was more practical, with his purchase of diapers, while Melchior chose something fun for the baby.  Gaspar began to wonder if his gift of frankincense was the

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  • Our Wandering Wise Men Day 4

    Knowing that the journey would be long, the wise men invited three camels to travel with them.  Hezekiah, the leader of the pack, was honored to accompany the men on such important business, and offered to provide sustenance for the trip. “The magi challenge us to be serious about our

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  • Our Wandering Wise Men Day 5

    As each of the wise men had a different opinion on the way to get to their destination, they needed a little help getting started on their journey. "Christmas can only be found.  Christmas cannot be bought.  Christmas cannot be created.  Christmas cannot be made by hand, lit up, set

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  • Our Wandering Wise Men – Day 6

    The wise men were delighted to happen upon a great feast, especially one such as this.  This was a feast given in celebration of fellow travelers from all over the globe, who just completed a semester of English as a Second Language classes.  Surely this welcoming embrace of people from

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