Recycling Challenge

So far we have collected 127 pounds of plastic film, but we have to collect another 373 pounds of it in the next 150 days to qualify for the free Trex bench.  

As a reminder, click here for the full list of what is and is not included in the collection program,  Remember, we still need your plastic grocery bags in our food ministry, so please bring those to us separately, and don't include them in your recycling!!

You can either collect your plastic film at home, weigh it, then recycle it as you normally would. (Local grocery stores have recycling containers for plastic film).  Then email Margaret Welker the weight you recycled, and the date it was recycled.

Or you can simply bring your plastic film here to the church and place them in our new collection bins located in the narthex and front office.  It's that easy!

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